Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wolves v G & T 23rd July

High points: 2 Home runs, 2 hits to 3rd base and informing the umpire of the guy leaving base early

Low point: Running past Manjiv at 3rd whilst running home and being given out.

Points leaned: Ignore negative comments before a game if you don't want your confidence knocked.


Blasey said...

Moments of the Match:

Julian's catch
Joel bringing home 3 players
Claudia stealing bases and making it home
Kevin's run back from home to 3rd through their player

3rd: Blasey overrunning Manjiv
2nd: Tzippy's hits
1st: Donnacha's catch at 3rd

Vic said...

Low Point - striking out and not seeming to be able to cleanly pick up ground balls.

High Point - Finaly scoring. Joel made a great hit, I made it to third then trusted the base coaches and kept going. I wasn't sure I would make it but they got me home!

Lessons Learnt - when taking a catch from Kevin, get your glove in front of the ball as bare hands don't like being hit!!

PS - awesome catch Donnacha!

Julian said...

Low Point: Grabbing the ball from Kevin when he said he'd take it - thus missing the outs

High Point: Not doing any walks when pitching and some nice hits beyond the diamond

Lessons Learned: Might have to learn sliding as I keep being carried through bases by momentum

Kevin Wilson said...

High points: hitting to first but managing to get home through suicidal base running.

Low points: I think if we played to our potential, we'd beat these guys - we weren't on form for one reason or another. We must win the rematch.

Lessons learned: warm up before you're subbed in at short stop. It was lucky I never had to throw to Manjiv - God knows where any throws might have gone!