Friday, August 01, 2008

Chevy Chasers 1 - 32 Loan Wolves

Last day of financial year at work, followed by leaving drinks for Simon and Thomas. I had to leave early and hotfoot it over to Hampstead for the softball, though, as I'd learned late in the afternoon that we had no male subs.
I arrived to find the game in progress. The Chasers had asked to postpone the game earlier, but had managed to cobble together a team of sorts - for which, fair play to them. They came and gave us a game when they must have realised the odds were against them with inexperienced players and missing their starting pitcher.
As it was, we played well and made some extra runs by intelligent base running. Pitching and fielding were strong, too. The Chevies did hit a consolation home run in their last inning, but soon after that the game was called by the "mercy rule" due to the lead we'd built up. first time we've been on the winning side of that rule, though we lost by it a fair few times when we were starting out.
It was a strong performance, but the nature of the win left a slightly flat feeling - for me, at least, there wasn't the buzz that we've taken away from our wins in close matches.
One sour note on the evening was that Kate was practising pitching before the match and had been hit by a ball smashed into her hand. She'd been taken to A&E, but returned to the pub after the match having been treated for a finger broken in two places. She was really brave about it, but once again our season features a hospitalised Wolf.

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Blasey said...

Low Point:
Breaking Kate's finger in the warm-up

High Point:
Either the home run that went into the adjacent football match or the double play

Lessons Learned:
1. Don't smash the ball back to the pitcher in the warm-up
2. If the opposition don't have a recognised pitcher and your side are patient more than 26 runs can be scored in one innings

Blasey said...

Moments of the Match:

Blasey's homer that went into the Football game
Tzippy scoring her first run
Vic's hit that got her to third
Vic's comedy tag (3rd time lucky)
Donnacha slipping past 3rd and then running onto home

3rd - Nisha sneaking bases
Jt 2nd - Blasey's double play
Jt 2nd - Gareth's fake strike out to finally end the 2nd innings
1st - Kate's injury in the warm-up

Other game information:
In the 1st innings we scored 6 runs
In the 2nd innings we scored 19 runs by the 2nd out and 26 by the time that Gareth did the fake strike out
Blasey hit 3 home runs
Gareth was caught and struck out (fake)
4 outs at 1st - Joel, Donnacha, Tzippy and Claudia