Thursday, August 07, 2008

Loan Wolves vs Tribold: Highs/Lows

Low: still can't explain what I thought I was doing when I messed up in the outfield. It cost us two runs which I had to earn back......

High: two home runs. Both looked catchable once I hit them, especially the second. That was a lead off home run, but I think the first brought two runners home.

Lesson learned: good, aggressive base running works, and not just for their captain!


Julian said...

Low: Throwing a bit wildly over Joel's head cause I was rushing to get one that was hit short

High: Some throws to first and strikeouts

Lessons learned: Dont get in front of the catcher at home - should really be backing up there - I stopped Manjiv getting one that was thrown in from outfield

Kate said...

Low: Not being able to play, and as a result realising that watching is more nerve-wracking than being on the field.

High: Being able to contribute by keeping a note of where each batter hit, and seeing my predictions come true most of the time.

Lessons learned: You don't have to be in the line up to feel part of the team and contribute to a victory. Sideline roles can be vital in their own way.

Gareth said...

Low: Not running on contact with two out and being tagged by a grinning SS. Grrr

High: Catching one of only two outfield hits in the whole game.

Lessons learned: Be patient when batting. If the pitcher gives you nothing to hit, don't hit his shit!! Take the walk.

Blasey said...

Low point: Sending Vic home and then realising that there was a fielder behind SS who took the catch. Resulting in Kevin overtaking Vic.

High point: Cheekily running the bases and sliding into home under the catcher who had the ball in her glove.

Lessons learned: When you give a team talk about only leaving a pitch on a full count if you are sure it is a ball make sure the umpire doesn't strike you out with a ball that goes above your eyebrows. Also don't worry when Julian is 3:1 or 3:0 as he can still strike them out.

Blasey said...

Moments of the Match:

Joel's ground ball home run
Gareth's reaction to being struck out

Jt 3rd - Kev overtaking Vic
Jt 3rd - Blasey's cheeky base running and slide to home under the catcher
2nd - What was Kevin think about? Running with the ball to second as the two runners in front went home...

1st - Claudia's out at 3rd, stepping onto the base ahead of their quick SS and the look on his face...

Opposition's moment was either the girl in Jeans who ran from 1st to home every time or the captain who ran from 1st to 3rd as the umpire had not called time, but Julian was ready to pitch and there was a batter ready.