Thursday, July 03, 2008

Loan Wolves versus Fat Cats July 2nd Finsbury Park

Low Point: Missing a tag out at 4th (Home) base. Think I dropped it

High Point: Getting an out at 3rd

Lessons Learned: Keep running as fast as possible to 1st - the umpire told me I might have made it on one occasion if I hadnt slowed up. Also put on my insect repellent - dont forget!!!


Kevin Wilson said...

High point; left field catch, two home runs

Low point; flat home run hit over me, telling Nisha to run to 2 when she got tagged - I thought it was a risk worth taking though. Also almost fluffing the out at 2 to get a double play - I'm sure I never touched 2 but the runner/umpire both assumed I had. Stroke of luck there.

Kate said...

Low Point: Giving away a couple of walks early on and letting them get a taste for it. With that umpire and Cats who won't swing I was on a losing streak.

High Point: Getting a strike out.

Matthew W said...

Low Point: Rather a lot of these. Let's just move on shall we?

High Point: Finally stopping an awkwardish ball, realising the runner was almost at first and diving onto the bag.

Lessons Learned: Spend a while practicing my position before the game.

Vic said...

Low Point - Being 2nd batter up and failing to get on base. My usual ice cool stance at the plate failed me.

High Point - finally scoring a run after holding my nerve, getting the walk and a bit of nifty (though it could have been niftier) running. The run drought is over.

Lessons Learnt - If Blasey or Kevin come running at second with ball in hand, get the heck out of the way and avoid comedy collisions and ball mis-handling.

Andy said...

Low point: having to confirm the score for FCs' sixth inning with their scorer.
High point: seeing all the Wolves close in aggressively for the last out in their seventh inning.
Lesson learned: bring my hat, and the mosquito-repellent batspray, next time.

Julian said...

You werent any worse than the rest of us Matt. Well tried!

Blasey said...

Kevin's catch over his shoulder, running backward (even though he had been told before to field further back)
2nd - Julian allegedly running down the guy hoping to get to third, but basically just holding the ball high and staring him down.

Blasey said...

High point:
Two home runs

Low point:
The horrendous throw to Kate at first that gave her no chance at all

Lessons learned:
Being able make the decision to take a pitcher off when they are tired or oppostion are taking walks. Also, the ability to accept yet ignore people's opinion on field placement when the facts give a different point of view.