Sunday, July 06, 2008

Softball tournament on Saturday. Advertising industry league, but they were short of teams so we got to play. Early morning in order to get to Barnes Bridge for nine. I had my new pull-along bag, a bargain at £12.00 from Sainsbury's. And when I scraped a hole in it the first time I lugged it down some stairs I realised why it was so cheap. But it did a good job otherwise of carting bat, glove, chair, rug, food and all the other necessities of a day spent in an exposed field in unpredictable weather. Once again, our team for the day was short a few Wolves so bolstered by Meteors. Who brought their own bats, which meant a fair number of bats between us. Averaged to one bat for every second player. The other ones were given some ammunition and told to pick up bats when they could from their fallen comrades...
We won our first game, lost the next three, and ended up in a play-off vs Comer's Homers. We didn't manage to beat them, so our tournament ended there. We stayed to watch Kevin play for the Digitas Devils who were a man short vs the Homers in their final


Kevin Wilson said...

It was a good day, especially considering that I was at Vauxhall at 8.30 and the heavens opened - I expected the whole tournament to be cancelled.

We were very good in the first game, where it looked tighter than it really was because he let them back into it a bit in the final innings. And some of the other games were pretty close - neither Comers Homers or Digitas Devils beat us by much.

Sods law I'd only bat well in a game where I was a ringer and subsequently voted male MVP for the plate final. I was only aware of this because I took a lift with Blasey to the pub and we passed the presentation on the way over.

Kate said...

It was another fantastic day of weekend softballing. Sun (eventually), beer, great people and excellent softballing from everyone. Yay!