Friday, May 25, 2007

Smug bastards

Discovered this linked to the results on the league site:

The entire Devil Strays squad showed up to take part in the first win of the season, a comprehensive victory against the Loan Wolves on May 21st.The sky over Finsbury Park may have been grey, but the Strays’ mood was sunny and team spirit was high, with seventeen keen players present and hungry for victory.The Strays got off to a fantastic first innings, keeping the Wolves down to one run while scoring 12 runs themselves. The batting highlights, to list but a few, included a zinger to centre right by Jen, a shell-it-outta-the park smasher by Dan and a disrespectfully cheeky infield hit by Kim.After this imposing start, the Wolves were unable to get back into the game, being shut out in the next innings by staunch Strays defending, with outstanding performances from outfielder Mike, shortstop Dan and first basewoman Rebecca, not to mention fantastic pitching from Seth, who struck out several anguished Wolves. Sharon made a crucial catch at home plate to stop the runner on third scoring and Paul made an instinctive and impressive catch at second base.The Wolves only managed to score a further four runs during the game, while the Strays scored another eight to make the final score 20-5. All the official Strays present played at some point during the game and each and every one of them made a positive contribution to the final result. Paul and Dan were joint MVP winners for their outstanding performances on the field.

Written by Devil Strays captain F Herdman-Smith, 24th May 2007


Tiggs said...

hmmm...doesn't mention their strike outs or when the great almighty Duncan Devil Stray got caught out and acted a complete prat by disputing it with the umpire.

Oh yeah, I don't think Seth's pitching was all that great anyhow..

There are some key differences between the Strays and the Wolves and I'm not talking about skills or experience.

Kate said...

I make a point of trying not to find match reports by teams that we've played - cos it just upsets me and makes me angry...

The important thing is that we are good, nah great losers. It's just a shame the Strays can't be better winners.

Kevin said...

Seth's pitching was pretty ordinary. He pitched four 'balls' in a row to me.

Taking the first innings out of the equation, there was nothing in it.

Wonder if any of them can define humility?

Andy said...

Mrs. Rabbit: What did your father tell you this morning?
Thumper: [clears throat] If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

Tiggs said...

Then again...thinking about it for a while, this is very similar to a lot of other team write ups. We really shouldn't take it personally.