Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Picking up strangers in the park...

[From my LJ]

Russell Investment Group v Loan Wolves

Russell Investment Group do not play in our division. Or even our league. So, how did we come to be playing them?
Well, there's this team called triBold... [snipped text explaining the sorry saga of yesterday's "postponed" game]
Anyway, we were up for playing last night. triBold had booked a pitch, and it seemed a shame to waste it. so we turned up in Regents Park this evening. Where we met the aforementioned Russell Investment Group team, who it turns out had also been stood up by their scheduled opponents, in a banking league. So we got the beers in and had a friendly with our new friends.
It was a really good match. We turned out to be pretty closely matched, and we had a great time playing on a well-kept field in the evening sunshine. Lions (we think they were lions) were roaring in London Zoo nearby, and long shadows fell over the pitch as the game went on. Atmosphere was good, and we had fun - both sides probably played better knowing that nothing depended on the result. We weren't really keeping score properly, but after a 1-1 first inning the Wolves broke away then had our lead clawed back in one inning due to a second-out rally (which was aided by Paul's sportsmanlike gesture in refusing to accept their third Out), finally going into the last inning a few runs up. The final result was somewhat uncertain, but definitely close. I made the last play of the game with an out at Home.
Afterwards, we joined a few of their team for a couple of drinks at the Edinboro Castle. An all-round successful and convivial evening.


Kevin said...

It was a really good evening; very useful practice and the Russell Investment guys were the nicest bunch I've seen us play.

It showered for about five minutes, and was otherwise nice and perfectly playable. It's good that we salvaged something from the postponement, and should set us up well for next week.

Tiggs said...

I agree with Kevin. This was definately one of the best games we've played all season and a really great bunch of people.

Thanks for the "laughing cow" cheese Andy - they filled the gap.

So..does a forfeit really truly count as our first win? Nah....but we are well on our way to our first win...

Hopefully we can play the Russell bankers again....luckily we all saw Paul get the contact details from one of the female players ;-)