Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Low: My hitting.

High: Obstructing their first-baser.


Andy said...

Low point: twisting my ankle
High point: Having seen a pitch go wide, away from the batter, signalling to Tigger to pitch the next one in and close. She did, he swung and missed, it was a strike.

Tiggs said...

Low point: Not catching the ball which was hit high infield and was so meant for me....

High point: Much improvement on the pitching front...walking only a handful of players and striking out those who so obviously didn't want to swing (we all know who they were :-))

Kevin said...

Low point: running into Andy, slipping at first and grazing my knee again, drilling a catch to the guy on second.

High point: getting round twice, and doing OK at short stop with a few tags and throws to bases for outs

Vic said...

Low point: Striking out. That's always rubbish :-(

High Point: a mean catch on 2nd. He batted it straight my way and with just a little stretch of the arm, it was mine. Nice.

Kate said...

High point: A decent hit and then scoring a run.

Low point: Pretty much everything else... (we all have games like that from time to time eh?)