Saturday, September 30, 2006

Party [X-posted from my LJ]

Loan Wolves end-of-season party last night.
The Wolves had put on our posh frocks for the occasion.  We assembled for drinks at Bar Soho.  I was first Wolf there, so was our leadoff drinker for the night.  After a couple of beers we went to Bistro1 for a good value meal and several glasses of wine.  I had the spicy sausage salad starter, followed by the Cumberland sausage and mash.  I like sausages.
After dinner, we had the awards ceremony.  Everyone got a joke award (complete with certificate) for something.  I was the recipient of the "Florence Nightingale" award for player with the best first aid kit - and most need of it.  Most Valuable Wolf was a deserved joint award, to Paul and Ben.
We then went on to O'Neill's in Wardour Street.  first we were up on the top floor, which was a bit too noisy for most of us (and the playlist was aimed at people with the musical attention span of a goldfish - the DJ considered "Seven nation army" to be "an old classic").  On the first floor, though, we found a table by the window, with a brilliant view out over Chinatown.
Lots of laughs, dancing, drinks, with a fun bunch of good people.
Sadly, I forgot one of the golden rules on my way home.  Never fall asleep on the night bus.  'Cos some chav nicks your mobile phone if you do that.  Arranged a new one from Vodaphone, but I'm going to have to get everyone's numbers again.

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