Saturday, September 30, 2006

End of Season Party- Low Point, High Point

Low Point - getting home. I wandered around for a while and my beer compass eventually got be back to ICSL. Then a hours nightbus trip around the whole of North London got me into bed just after 3am!

High Point - What can I say - all that dancing! We may not be all that coordinated on the field, but we sure can move! Love Shack, baby love shack!

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Vic said...

Low Point - Leaving the party when it was still in full swing... but my bed was calling me and I knew that the police were about the lift the cordon and let me back in my house!

High Point - The Wolves awards ceremony. Always a highlight for me. Also getting my certificate home without getting it too bashed!

Andy said...

High point: what I felt was a solid performance in the role of leadoff drinker.
Low point: Dozing off on night bus and letting my phone get swiped.

Hornshaw said...

low point: Living miles away and having to get the last tube home! I had at least another two hours of acting like a twat before would have fallen over!

high point: So many...
1) The awards. I know it's cheap and cheesy but it makes me laugh!
2) Ben dancing to Michael Jackson!
3) Alison. Everything she did and everything she said!

SuperBen said...

Low Point- Missing the pre-dinner drinks due to a prior engagement

High Point- Going to O'Neills. X-FM style music (+ a little Michael Jackson- oww!), Magner's Cider, lots of Wolves together in a party mood = Great night