Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go on then... Low Point, High Point

I can't believe no one won. I can't believe we managed to miss that rain! Special mention should go to all those in the bar who suggested the name Target for me. I'm sorry I can't remember who said it first, it may have been Richard. I like it. I feel that it sums up my cunning ability to be hit by both balls and runners (but only when they are going at full speed) and also the fact that everyone kept hitting the ball straight to me last night - more of that below.
Anyway, shall I get the ball rolling?

Low Point: Not winning :-(

High Point: Generally having a cracking time at second base. Due to Paul's misguided tactics (as if every ball would get pass me and Andy!) loads of the balls came my way allowing me to make some nice outs with some dodgy throws to first. Particularly pleasing was still managing to get Paul out when I missed the tag by gently throwing the ball over to Darren who had run over to second. Sweet!

Over to you...


Andy said...

Low point - that first out of the game.
High point - the instinctive partnership between me and my can of beer in the outfield.

syrupalex said...

Low Point - Not being there.

High Point - Living in a world where the wolves exist.

SuperBen said...

Low Point- Mucking up the very simple 3 Cheers for the opposition chant (Well at least it was pretty loud this week!)

High Point- Covering Second base after Darren's great dash into right field, to make a tag play on Mark for a morale boosting out.

Kate said...

Low point - Walking Jane - I nearly made it through the match without a walk!

high point - getting back on that pitcher's plate and not hashing it up - hooray!

Hornshaw said...

low point - I think you'll find that striking out 3 times in a row is the lowest low point you can get.

high point - Stella Artois (Cheers Fiesta!).

Paul said...

Low point: being on first when Alison hit the ball to Vic on second who fielded perfectly; despite sprinting and legally dodging the tag and reaching the base before the ball reached Darren on base, I couldn't stop in time and somehow ended up off the base on my butt. But on the bright side the same play was Vic's high point :-)

High point: Hitting what would have been a home run if Andy hadn't "accidentally" fumbled the ball foul. Damn those sneaky Dingos!?!

Julian said...

Low point: Hitting the ball out towards third and causing Vic to be out

High Point; Managing to keep going on the pitching as the gloom descended. Also reading Alex's sweet (Spielberg vintage) comment on this series of posts.

Paul said...

ohhh and how could i forget catching Tiggs out Twice :-))

Tiggs said...

Low point - can't really think of any low points arising from this game. I should say being caught out by Gobby twice was my low point...but it didn't bother me at all ;-)

High point - the whole evening was one big high for me...enough said.