Saturday, September 02, 2006

Creating a southpark character for your profile

There are four stages:
  1. Create character at South Park Studio
  2. Grabbing image and saving on computer
  3. Uploading image as part of a post
  4. Adding uploaded image to your profile
Stage 1 use instructions at website

Stage 2: Grabbing image

After you have created your character take a printscreen of the page.
Open Microsoft Photoeditor (Should be in Office Tools menu)
In Photoeditor select Edit / Paste as New Image
Use Select Tool (Icon looks like dashed rectangle) and click and drag to select your picture.
Choose Image/Crop from menu. Then do OK. You should now have just your character.
Save image (Menu item: Image/Save)
Choose a filename and a filetype (jpeg) in the save options dialogue. Save your file.

Stage 3: Uploading image.

Create a post in the the City Uni Softball Blog. Use the add image icon. In the resulting pop-up browse to where you have saved your image and then upload your image. Post your new post and view it.

Stage 4: Adding image to profile.

Right click on the image in your post and choose the following option: Copy Shortcut. (If you are using Firefox choose option: Copy Image Location).
Now open your profile.
Edit profile.
Paste the shortcut into Photo URL
Save profile.

That's all!

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Tiggs said...

Thanks for this Jules, I knew all that playing around with the site yesterday would pay off.