Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loan Wolves 6 - 17 Finsbury Dazzlers

You've come a long way, baby...
Our first ever league match, in May 2006, was against the Dazzlers. We lost 25-1 in four innings, and had a player taken to A&E afterwards. This time, though that final scoreline doesn' reflect it, things were very different. We were 4-2 down after one inning, but took the lead and were 6-5 up at the top of the fifth. Sadly, their strong batting brought them enough runs to regain the lead and put the game out of our reach at the end.
so we lost. But looking at us as a team, you can see the difference those four seasons have made. Our offense still isn't what it could be, but everyone's batting's so much stronger than when we started, our judgment of what to swing at and how to time our hitting has come on so much. Birthday girl Kate was pitching excellently, and we were fielding well to make the outs we needed. We didn't make every play, but we weren't making silly mistakes and our tactical sense was fantastic. we were putting one of the strongest sides in the division under real pressure, and for a time it looked as if the game was going to go our way.
The Dazzlers beat us again, but this time they weren't playing novices, tharn like rabbits trapped in headlights. They'd had a fight against a pack of WOLVES! And they knew it.

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Matthew W said...

Cheers Andy.

Low point: batting. Only batted .500. There again my two good hits were pretty hard (hips, hips, hips) and the two I hit badly were far too short - need to improve my pitch selection.

High point: my catch. Sprinted towards it thinking I'd need to do a basket catch, but was surprised to find it was actually a nice easy catch just above my shoulder. Ooh it felt good.