Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fat Cats vs Loan Wolves - Highs/Lows/Lessons Learned

Lows: not all my throws from SS made their target, certainly one hit I should have dived for - it ultimately went between Matt and Claudia and for a home run.

Highs: home run first time round, bit fortuitous (think I scored another....), an ultimately pointless dive into 2nd behind the SS back, but it looked nice and hurt for a while. Took the force off too but unfortunately Claudia was just out at 1st next play.

Lessons Learned: base running was better but still moments where runners were not pushed on when they could have been. Base coaches be alert! If a throw goes home and you have someone safe on first, they have to go! When there's two on base, always shimmy and look to move. Make them think. Make them work. If we can sneak a few bases per innings, it's easy runs overall.

PS. We batted a lot better than we've done for a long time.......it'll be enough to beat most teams at our level if we field well.


Andy said...

Low point: Struck out looking at a pitch I judged too flat to be a strike. Again.
High point: Nice hit, when I finally made contact.
Lesson learned: Look for a second base where it's a possibility.

Matthew W said...

Low point: where to start?

Failed to stop ground ball mainly because my glove was pointing up rather than down. Also didn't get behind the ball enough.

Dropped catch - it was going behind me. I did the drop step and jogged backwards, if only I'd taken one more step back or jumped. As it was the ball bounced out of the top of my glove.

Dropped catch - it was low and in front of me. Once again I had my glove pointing up rather than down.

So I've identified the technical problems - now I have to correct them.

High point: my last bat. As I walked into the box Kate shouted "pretend it's a practice...and you're drunk!!!" Got my best hit of the game. Cheers Kate.

Vic said...

Low point - I just couldn't seem to catch the ball for the outs on 2nd. I think I was distracted by the runners. Soooo frustrating.

High Point - Finally getting to 1st on a hit and then getting home on Kevin's hit after me. It's weeks since I've done that. The pretending it's practice thing definately helps, it's what I did too Matt.

Lesson Learnt - I've said it once and I'll say it again, relax when at bat and concentrate in the field.