Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Intellect 12 - 8 Loan Wolves

Umpire of the Senseless

We were up on the hated high, sloped, exposed Pitch Five on Primrose Hill. Visibility was actually a little better than in the last game we were there, but it was sunny and pretty scorching for most of the evening.
With Gabs still injured from the weekend, we didn't have any spare women players.
I led off, but failed to convert a walk into a run. Our opposition did better than us in the first few innings, and we just couldn't get back into the game with the bat. The umpiring calls were really not helping us. Still not sure about that strike zone. I struck out looking, on three balls, when two flat pitches went past me and I confidently left them. Both were called strikes. Among other incidents, there was a rather confused play where the umpire changed his call repeatedly then made the point be replayed. Didn't do our cause any favours, it's true, but ultimately we still didn't manage to bat ourselves back into contention, even though we rallied somewhat as the sun went behind the clouds and made it easier to pick out the ball in flight.
Second quarter of the season hasn't gone as well as the first, but there's a long way to go yet.


Tiggs said...

This is the second time that the Fat Cats have made really dodgy calls when umpiring our games. Can we not check to see whether they've actually taken the umpiring course? :(

Kevin said...

You won't be shocked to hear, Manj, that it was me who probably started most of the bad feeling....running wide of the SS just as we'd been screwed by last week. The umpire first allowed it, then called me out, then allowed it, then said replay the point!

Kate said...

No, Kevin, you were just playing the game. It was the umpire who was absolutely responsible for the arguments that ensued. Firstly he didn't make a confident call, then he let the other team change is mind on what was a judgement call...a big big no no!

Kevin said...

You know the girl who came over at the end to build bridges, I thought she looked familiar and I wondered where I knew her from. We had mutual friends from university. Small world.