Monday, October 30, 2006

Practice and lots of pool!

A small but perfectly formed bunch of wolves met on Saturday for a practice session at Finsbury park. I thought it worked really well to get there at 10am for some wolves only practice and then have some strays join us from 11am. It meant we could practice on some skills that we wanted to focus on (pitching and batting) and then also have enough people later on to get a game going.

Low point of the morning for me was taking a powerful line drive from Richard right on the arm - my whole arm went dead for a good 5 minutes and I now have a very impressive bruise to show for it! High point was the fact that the morning led into the afternoon.

We all decamped to the Finsbury for 'just a quick one', at around 1.30ish...Well, what can I say, famous last words indeed - many rounds and a considerable number of games of pool ensued... and suddenly it was 9pm. Alex demonstrated his ample ability at potting balls and much hilarity ensued as myself and Manjiv chased balls around the table.

I feel slightly guilty that we spent longer playing pool than we did playing softball, but we once again proved that the Loan Wolves will be the last men and women standing (albeit slightly wobbily) in the pub!


Peter said...

I think we decided that we should have it written into the club constitution that we should always spend twice as long in the pub as we do on the softball field. That OK with everyone?

Vic said...

Hear, hear.
I'm glad to see that the session ended in the time honoured tradition! Apologies for turning up late and then leaving early but you'll be glad to know that I was with you all in spirt - in a pub in south London celebrating a friend's birthday by drinking too many 'steins' of beer in a German Beer festival theme pub type place. Very strange and far too easy to drink too much. I was definately a wobbly wolf.
See you all for the North/South (or however we are spliting it) re-match in a couple of weeks time!