Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Low Point - High Point of Tournament

To continue the Wolves tradition, I thought that I'd start the final Low Point/High Point of the season:

Low Point- Watching a line drive speed impressively off my bat, right into the glove of the great shortstop on the Development team in the second match, for an easy out.

High Point- Hitting the ball exactly where I was aiming it (a real first for me), resulting in a morale boosting home run.


Vic said...

Low Point - About mid-afternoon when my energy levels dropped. I thought that I wouldn't last the day!

High Point - Catching Kim out in the last game. The ball fell almost in slow motion directly into my glove. Beautiful.

Andy said...

High point: having stopped a fast grounder to Right Field early in the Suede match, realising that the batter never tried the same shot again.
Low point: repeatedly getting out at First vs Oblivion.

Kate said...

Low point - missing the morning session and therefore not being witness to everyone else's high points!

High Point - getting to play for the last couple of innings, and giving the ball a decent whack. 1 pitch, 1 swing, 1 hit - not bad for me, and I almost, almost made it to first!

Paul said...

High Point: Stealing home from third when the play was dead and the third base fielder had the ball in his hand two foot away from me (He was focused on returning to the ball to the pitcher not on little sneaky me)

Low Point: Some rubbish throws to first in the last game while being completely blinded by the Sun. Probably cost us the game :-(

Julian said...

High Point: Making a catch or two

Low Point: My hideous pitching againts the Strays. This ruined my day. I felt as though I never wanted to see another softball. I feel a little better now.

Tiggs said...

Hi Jules,
Did I help?

Tiggs said...

oops, Gobby says I'm not allowed to blog here..high/low only he says. Oh well, I'm a rebel - I do what I like! LOL

Tiggs said...
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