Monday, May 17, 2010

Superball 2010

Early start on Saturday, as I headed to Richmond Old Deer Park for Superball 2010. The journey was delayed by having to find an alternate route after some poor soul went under a train at Richmond. I arrived in time to join the batting line up for our first match, against our friends the Meteors. An enjoyable game which we lost 12-9. then onto the next match - the schedule was full with only a short lunch break. We went on to face the Dazzlers, the Mob and Comer's Homers, then the Voodoos. Sadly, we lost each time despite some good performance. To be fair, they're pretty much all higher division sides with good batting and some very sharp fielding. And we weren't shut out in any game.
I missed our play off final for fifth place due to a prior engagement. I've heard how it ended, but I'm hoping someone who was there will post about it in more detail.

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