Thursday, May 13, 2010

Loan Wolves 19 - 8 Strayz

The Devil Strays were the other development side in our first season, and there's always been a friendly rivalry to our games. With the league reorganisation this year, they split up - some of them became the Spartans, competing in Div 2 of the Majors, while a core of recreational players formed the Strayz. Who we were playing last night.
A close game for the first four innings, despite a depleted Strayz side playing with two automatic outs. Then a virtuoso fifth inning saw us turn from trailing 6-5 to leading 19-6. The very opposite of our "one bad inning" curse of yore saw the team batting and base running at its Wolfish best. The Strayz didn't give up, but we held an unassailable lead by the seventh and posted our first win of the season.

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Tiggs said...

Go Wolves!! x