Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dodgeball update: "I'm gonna take that dodgeball and..."

After a shaky start last week, where despite winning three of the seven games we ended up 19 - 7 down in points to Who Let the Dodge Out at the end of the match, we picked ourselves up ready for the Dodgeball Furies.
Gabs was a welcome addition to the side, giving a much-needed option to rotate female players and also her lethal throwing arm. We had enough men to rotate complete half-teams of three, with Kevin and Gary as strikers in each. We managed to win most of the games, and even when we were on the losing end we held onto a couple of points thanks to a heroic display of dodging by Olivia and Tzippy.
Here is the last game, where we cemented our first dodgeball victory:

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Vic said...

Garry's shirt is sooooooo orange!! Go Wolves!