Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dodge, duck, dip, dive - and DODGE!

Went along to the inaugural session for the Softballers' Dodgeball League last night. The Tecumsehs had decided to start an off-season event, and picked a game which could be played indoors and where everyone would be a novice. They picked dodgeball.
The venue was a church hall, so we had all been warned not to blaspheme or anything. I kept thinking of the phrase: "holy ground, highlander!".
There was a rules explanation, a couple of demonstration/test games, then we started playing to get the hang of it. It was interesting to see how quickly people picked it up. Dodging tends to come easier than throwing, especially as the balls are football-sized solid foam things quite unlike softballs. Which is as well if you get hit by them. Doesn't really hurt, and most hits tended to be scored on the legs or when someone failed a catch. Matches are made up of seven three-minute games, and you get a bit of a workout in that three minutes of running, throwing and dodging.
We had a mini-tournament, in which the Loan Wolves came fourth out of six. The game's fun to watch as well as play - lots of manic action, turnaround plays, close escapes and exciting finishes. Afterwards we went to the pub wher the draw for the tournament proper was held.
Oh, and of course, everyone there last night had seen the film...

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F**king Chuck Norris!!