Thursday, June 04, 2009

Raiders Red 26 Loan Wolves 2 - Highs/Lows/Lessons Learned

Raiders Red are a good side, as they ought to be when they're top of the table with six straight wins. Their infield is very tight but we never got to see how the outfield played and I think their hitting was smart and consistent rather than big. Still....they'll beat every other team they play, some by a greater margin than last night.

Lows: not a great game at SS. If throws aren't caught, it's probably my fault.
Highs: an outfield catch, realising the hit was too shallow to be taken by Joel/Libs.
Lessons Learned: my batting has been atrocious since the Tecumshes match. An obsession with RF perhaps? How many foul hits have I done in the last few weeks? I need to take my batting back to basics and start from scratch.


Tiggs said...

Low Point: Too many! Excitement over fielding a line drive at 2nd meant I almost forgot to throw the ball to Gaz at 1st for the easy out. When I did finally remember what I was supposed to do, it was a wimpy underarm throw, missing the out. What was I thinking! Second time it happened, I immediately threw to 1st base, but not quite to target. Missed the out again. Oh, can I also mention the two high pop-ups which I missed as catcher????? Catching those would have gone some way in ending the "neverending inning of doom"

High Point: Batting practice is slowly paying off...

Lessons Learned: Need to keep focused and not lose my head. I also need more practice.

Vic said...

Low Point - striking out and generally not managing to do anything useful at 2nd.

High Point - a few nice stops and backing up instances in the out-field (just ignore the slip up)and a nice hit to finish on (just ignore the fact that it was caught).

Lessons Learnt - when in the out-field always assume that you will be needed to back up the base and keep on running in until the play is over. There were a couple of times that I stopped running in, assuming the ball was in the glove on the base, only to end up standing watching helplessly as it sailed miles over Manjiv's head on an overthrow. If I'd been there the damage would have been minimised.