Thursday, June 25, 2009

Base Jumpers 36 vs Loan Wolves 11 - Highs/Lows/Lessons Learned

While we wait for Andy's match report....

Low Point: Loads of big high hits in right field which went way over my head. Not much I could do about those, except run faster to get to the ball.It was that one line drive that went past Donnacha that I'm really gutted about though. Clearly in the right position and right place....but it dribbled between my feet. Pooh!

High Point: Managing to get to base on every hit (Kate pointed this one out to me whilst in the pub, thanks Katie). Also my line drive which went somewhere towards 3rd base...obviously I wasn't looking ;)

Lessons Learned: Back up, back up, back up!!!!!


Vic said...

Low Point - not managing to get on base with a hit, so close and yet so far, a few unecessary ground ball fumbles in the field, (I officially hate ground balls!) and not being granted the out when I spotted a missed base.

High Point - Making good contact with the ball at bat, taking some nice catches from some great outfield throws and finally learning the in-field fly rule and getting an out from it!

Lessons Learnt - throw overarm and learn the in-field fly rule.

Kate said...

Low Point - apart from my pitiful batting, my low point was probably the same as Vic's - so chuffed to catch the girl leaping over the base like a gazelle, that it was completely gutting to be told the umpires hadn't seen it (apparently if you don't see something, it didn't happen...there's a life lesson for you!)

High Point - decent consistent pitching. I was most please when a female batter swung wildly and then let a Special K Special go past her to strike out. As I'd discussed with Gaby just beforehand, the girls always think those ones will be too high!

Lesson Learned - button-hooking skills should not be underestimated in an umpire. They put you through all those silly drills for a darn good reason!

Kevin Wilson said...

Low Point; Blasey wasn't going to use myself and Tzippy as DHs but I told him to. I shouldn't have bothered. I'd add the guy hitting a LF hit miles over my head too, but it's just a great hit. I was nowhere near it - needed to be 20m back, I reckon.

High Point; couple of outfield catches when I came in, also a sneaky run to 3rd off an easy hit to 1st. Forced their 2nd base to throw and I had no intention of ever turning back to 1st.

Lessons Learned; got to sharpen up our defensive play as it's going to be much easier to improve this than our batting. We'll need to keep teams to single figure scores to win matches this season.