Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Raiders Red v Loan Wolves - Low Point, High Point

Time to resurrect our tradition of reflecting back on the night before with our highs and lows. Remember, finish on a high!

Low Point - missing a ground ball as it bounced past me missing the opportunity to get one of their speedier runners out. I knew it was going to come my way but I wasn't able to stop it. Oh, and getting cold and wet. This is a summer game darn it!

High Point - Getting a monster hit and finally making it to 1st after two failed attempts.

The most-impressive-dive-of-the-night award must go to Kevin for his superb catches and the grace and skill displayed when he got his home run despite falling over at 1st and having to dive head first to home.

Go Wolves!


Kevin Wilson said...

High Point; the diving catch at SS. Seemed to be a lot of catching action there, not so mcuh ground fielding. I made the home run harder than it should have been but got there finally.

Low Point; out at first with my first hit. Took the first pitch, didn't get my eye in. Couple of fumbles at SS, balls that passed just by me.

livvy said...

High point: Taking Blasey's advice from last week's pratice and waiting for the low pitches which I managed to hit.
Low point:I didn't manage to hit them very far (to the pitcher) and got out at first base twice and the time I did manage to get to first it ended up with the Raiders getting Vic out at third.

Kate said...

Low Point: Striking out. No excuses...my mind wasn't on the batting..

High Point: Finally making a strike out. They pushed it to full count a few times, but swang when they had to (fair play), but it was nice to get one scalp under my belt in the end!

Andy said...

Low point:
Fumbling catch, missing tag out at Home.
High point:
Hitting the ball quite a long way. Shame it was foul, shame it was in practice, but it did go quite far...
(Other high point was finding that the Avalon serves Sharp's Doom Bar bitter).

Blasey said...

High point: Outfield catch

Low point: sliding to 2nd and given out without being tagged.

Tiggs said...

Low Point: Not being able to make it out to the game...boo!