Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My best game so far

The training over the past few months obviously paid off, as yesterday's game was definitely my best so far. Some great catches, no strike-outs and a couple of really good hits.

Of course, this meant I was in the game a lot more and made some really stupid mistakes! Catching the ball and forgetting to step on the plate at third. Running hell for leather for second with the ball still in the air, only to see it caught and finding myself out.

And then there was the wet grass - slipping and sliding all over the place and falling sideways like a tree going for a low ball to my right (and missing it as a result).

Bring on First Ball and some more game practice I can take out on Intellect (alas, due to next week's Devo concert and a union meeting the following week, I miss the next two matches).

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