Thursday, May 15, 2008

Raiders Green @ Loan Wolves

Low Point - missing what would have been a fantastic catch and letting quite a few balls go past me.

High Point - Winning!!!

That was the best I've seen the Wolves play in a long time and most importantly of all, we held it together and didn't collapse under the pressure, in fact I would say that our performance actually got stronger. We knew that we were near victory and were determined not to lose it. After a shaky warm up first couple of innings, our fielding was amazing and we held the Raiders well. Our batting and running performances were also good and we proved what a difference a bit of hustling can do to our score line.

Some of the highlights (as recorded on the back of an envelope):
  • Kevin making his home runs and spilling blood for the team.
  • Julian's cool pitching and death defying base running.
  • Kate's outs at home plate.
  • Gareth's diving catch.
  • Lucy almost making the fly ball catch and missing but recovering so quickly that she got the ball to 3rd and made the out anyway.
  • Matthew's "COME ON WOLVES" from the sidelines.
  • Moe nearly choking on a cigarette with the excitement.

What other ones have I missed? There were so many!

MVP went to Kevin who was duly presented with a celebratory packet of ready salted.



Julian said...

A very exciting evening

Low Point: A shaky innings with a few walks

High Point: Holding my nerve towards the end and making a good throw to first for an out

Kate said...

Low Point: Probably my trio of injuries - wipe out by Blasey, taking a ball to the chin, and then being kicked by an overexcited Tiggs as Matt threw her onto the sofa in the pub!

High Point: Taking the catch at home plate (thereby proving that catcher position isn't just somewhere to hide a weak girl). The satisfaction of turning a mere foul ball into an out was considerable!

Donnacha DeLong said...

Low Point: The hangover yesterday morning after a drowning my work issues session.

High Point: Sarky comments leading to my new nickname - The Cynic!

Kevin Wilson said...

I mopped up Lucy's catch attempt and threw it to Alison. It actually worked for the best because we got the out at 3rd rather than 1st.

Low point; caught in right field when there was acres of space.

High point; the winning run(although it would have been unecessary if they could count).

Superb team performance though. They scored nothing in the final three innings. Great work all round.

Blasey said...

Team High Point: Shutting out opposition for 3 innings resulting in a win. The teams reaction as Julian stole the base to 3rd was a huge highlight.

Team Low Point: Fielding and decision mistakes that at our best would not be there - however a side that still wins when not playing at their best win trophies

Personal High Point: Two home runs (including the hussled lead-off one which I should have stopped at 1st)

Personal Low Point: Not having the confidence the blue would call the head high pitch that I swung at and got struck out with. If I'd have left it we'd have scored a run and had the bases loaded for Kevin..oh well, whoops!