Monday, April 14, 2008

Playoff Sunday - High Point / Low Point

Low Point: Ending up with my face in the mud after my slide at the plate. However, at least we know a new rule now - if the batter's on the floor it's called as a foul ball*

High Point: I need hardly say it. Taking my first big catch in the outfield and taking Paul's scalp with it!

*this is not the case if the batter fails to run due to a pitch invasion by rabid dogs!


Andy said...

Low point - getting out and ending our inning.
High point - unknown to me, Michael had been bigging me up as our specialist secret-weapon designated hitter to the opposition, so they were pulling their outfielders way back to the edge of the park whenever I came up to bat...

Alex A said...

Wish I could have stayed to see you give the Meteors a run for their money. We gave ourselves no chance by dropping a load of catches and by batting badly. It's sad we're not going to be in the same division - was looking forward to some amusing drinks after our games. Still I suppose there's a chance we'll both be playing at Finsbury Park the same evening sometime during the seaon.

Gareth said...

Low point - seeing all the highly paid coaching staff turn up for the Homers.

High point - seeing the aforementioned coach screaming at Duncs to run to 3rd base and Duncs shaking it off. Epic!!

Vic said...

Low Point - Missing the games.


High Point - Missing the rain.

Julian said...

Low Point - So sorry to have missed the game

There is no High Point after a Low Point like that

Kevin Wilson said...

Low point; dropping one of the Meteors' left handers. It was a simple catch, just slightly misjudged it and it hit the corner of the glove. Next guy up hit a home run.

High point; catching Michael of Comer's Homers, demoralising Mark through walking twice, and getting home every time I batted (I think I took more walks than made hits in the two games though - I'm learning).