Monday, April 28, 2008


Last year at the All Star game, a comment about how easy the Loan Wolves are to spot because of the bright orange tops led to "nobody else wears that colour". Which was followed by responses and suggestions from various people about who else wears orange...
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (technically Old Gold)
The Dutch national football team
The Denver Broncos
Air-Sea Rescue helicopter pilots
Railway engineering workers
Buddhist monks
Guantanamo Bay detainees

Anyway, we have new shirts now. We've kept the black and orange colours, of course, but now we have the team logo on the front and our personal nicknames and squad numbers on the back.

They arrived in time for a tournament yesterday, and we had a little presentation ceremony where they were handed out. Then we had our first match in the spiffing new shirts - which we won. We actually came ninth out of twelve in the end, which wasn't bad going against teams who were often two divisions higher than us.

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Vic said...

I think that we really held our own against much better teams in very windy conditions. Well done Wolves!

Julian said...

Yes that wind was a real problem. I didnt cope with it as well as the pitcher from Heat. I wonder how he managed to not walk people

Gareth said...

So proud of the girls had to play every game and battled to the end. so nearly beat the Tecumsehs from Div4.

Mark said...

being associated with the Denver Broncos is not a good thing !