Monday, September 03, 2007

Last ball of Summer

The Lastball softball tournament was held yesterday. We played in the afternoon competition, against other Div 5/6 sides. We were a bit short of women players (again), but a hard core of women Wolves were there, along with a couple of extra people dragged along for the day, including one of the Mob who'd played in the morning tournament already.
Five games in a row, no breaks. All batters came to the plate with an assumed 1/1 count already, so the outs came more quickly than usual to speed play up.
We held all our opponents to close games, except for the Raiders Red game, where the umpire's calls favoured their pitcher a little and the game got away from us. We came close to a win vs the Devil Strays, losing in the end by one run. Ben, who was watching that match, had asked if he could join in the cheer if we won - he remembers playing "the old enemy" last season.
We managed one win, and our good fielding kept runs against us down enough for us to end up in fourth place, which was pretty good by our standards.
We played Meteors last, finishing just before the light started to fail. Stepping up to bat for the last time this season, I felt the wind freshen, the temperature drop, and could taste the oncoming rain in the air. That was the very moment Summer ended.


Alex A said...

Can't think of much of a low point, it was such a good day. I walked a guy from the Meteors and that was annoying so that can be the low point.

High Point: getting a strike out, a catch and a throw to first in one innings against the Meteors.

SUCH a good tournament. That's what it's all about. :)

Gareth said...

Such a good competition everybody battled and it made us a difficult side to beat on the day.

low point getting tagged on third standing up instead of sliding in.

high point Duncan getting creamed on second by Blasey and Vic sliding into third and hanging on (thats what i should have done)

Kevin Wilson said...

Low point: left the first base when Jo was caught at first, and out before I could get back.

High point: catch to my left against the Raiders in the outfield, and a zinger at shortstop against the Meteors (the ball seemed to follow me around - I must have taken about 7 catches on the day). Two home runs against the Meteors and a couple more I think across the day.

The Wolves were awesome on the day, and I'd be happy for the 1:1 rule to be implemented more often.

Matthew W said...

Hopefully I won't get a kickin' for posting, but I loved the whole tournament and I can't help myself.

High point: My batting. I'd worked on my technique the night before in my living room with the aid of a tube of cellophane and it really paid off. I hit the ball much harder and I had one strike against me the whole tournament. My next goal is a home run.

Low point: Blasey's hairy upper arms. Sleevless tops do him no favours at all.

Julian said...

A very enjoyable tournament. Much better than last year I thought.

Low Point: Some walks playing the Finsbury Royals. We should have one that one really

High Point: Did manage some strikeouts. Was occasionally reaching first base with the batting. I shall try to improve this.

Your description of the day is very fine Andy. I like the ending of your post.

Alex A said...

yes indeed. "Poignant" perhaps.

Alex A said...

The Wolves scatter during the hard lean winter.

Alex A said...

Biting at the ankles of adversity with our leathery mind rods.

Alex A said...

Hunting game among the fields of smoking dill. Presenting our awards to the altar of our lord.

Vic said...

Low Point - Feeling more and more tired as the day went on. Getting tagged out on the home plate because I didn't slide and fumbling some easy pick ups.

High Point - Winning on the bingo with a line (come on number 34!). Doing my first slide ever to make it safe to 3rd base. Seeing an improvement in my batting and somehow ending up sitting on the base after managing to tag a dev squad team member who had gone sliding pass me on 2nd.

Well done all!!

Alex A said...
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Kate said...

Low Point: The way my legs felt on Monday and Tuesday mornings - that's what 4 hours of playing catcher does for you!

High Point: The tag out that I took at home plate. I said that I was determined to get one, and get one I did! Especially satisfying as the runner could have gone back!

Alex A said...
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