Monday, February 06, 2006

Training at Latchmere

Andy Ben and Julian went along on Sunday 5th February for a 3 hour training session. We practised throwing and catching and some in-field work on trying to get runners out between bases. Played a number of games which enabled us to pratice pitching and batting. Ben hit the ball high up and hit the roof of the sports hall dislodging a loose bit of the structure with near fatal results for those of us underneath.

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SuperBen said...

I would just like to apologise to my fellow wolves for any injuries (mental or otherwise) that I may have caused by knocking down the (small, thin metal) ceiling panel. The irony was that it was probably my best connection of the day, I really managed to rip into the ball (and I guess inadvertantly the sports hall ceiling) I did feel like shouting 'fore' as it tumbled to the ground.