Sunday, February 12, 2006

"That's a good weight!"

The opinion of coach Darren on my new bat.
Softball practice on Clapham Common yesterday. A sight easier for me to get to than Finsbury Park (one bus ride away). The softball pitch isn't as obvious as at Finsbury, and it's a little more exposed, but it's good. Better class of mud, too. Nowhere near as squelchy. did some good drills on cut-offs and throwing, got some useful coaching on how to field high balls coming to the outfield. I have to get into the habit of stepping back whenever a high ball comes towards me. My throwing was woeful, I'm afraid. But batting was fun as always, especially using my very own bat.
A load of people turned up at mid-morning to practise frisbee throwing, and colonised over half the softball field. Very odd. We managed not to bean any of them with long balls, though.

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SuperBen said...

Darren was right about the bat being a 'good weight'. It helped me to whack a few balls nicely into the outfield (something that I have never really been able to manage before in an outdoor softball pitch) Also, it gives the team's batters in general, a good choice between Jane's 28oz special and Andy's 30oz bruiser.

Andy said...

Actually, what Darren said was an approving; "that's a guuuuuuuurd weight!".
My friend's 8 year old kid thought the bat was cool, too, but in his case that was 'cos it was both shiny and potentially dangerous.
I didn't really dare going for a big hit - with my luck, I'd have bopped a frisbee-er or broken a car window. Hoping to smack a few line drives with it.
Now we need a little 26 ouncer to complete the set.