Sunday, December 11, 2005

Softball training at Latchmere - December 11th

Three Wolves turned up this afternoon for a pretty intensive indoor session. Peter, Ben and Julian. We practiced catching, throwing, fielding balls running along the ground and batting. Learned some more about tagging. A batsman who leaves a base when they dont have to is called Unforced and the only way a fielder can get them out is by tagging.

We played some actual games as well and I was able to have a go at pitching - although indoor pitching is very different from the real pitching as you do not have to throw anything like as far.

It was a very useful three hours.


Andy said...

Sounds good. Wish I could have been there (curse this life-threatening finger injury...).

Kate said...

Sorry for not showing up on Sunday. I was feeling sniffly and coughy and my pitching shoulders was aching a little..(to be honest I don't think I had properly recovered from Friday!)..and just wanted to be warm, cosy and horizontal...

I feel like I shived off school!