Monday, December 05, 2005


The old Simpsons episode with the works softball team was on C4 last night. I found myself taking the sports side seriously, watching to see how they animated the pro baseball players' throwing movements.
Also spotted that they were playing fastpitch:
9 a side. No women playing. When Homer gets hit by a pitch, he gets a walk (and wins the game) - in slowpitch, it's just counted as a ball if a pitch hits the batter.
And enjoyed Mr Burns's managing style:
"Strawberry, hit a home run!"
[Daryl Strawberry hits a home run]
"I told him to do that!"


Kate said...

I tragically found myself getting very excited when the book I am reading (The innocent - Ian McEwan) mentioned a Softball match - quite unexpected in a book about post-war Berlin, but pleasing nonetheless!

Hornshaw said...

Aren't we just the little softball Meercats?
The slightest mention of the 'S' word and our ears prick up and we stand on our hind legs chattering excitedly!
I too watched the Simpsons softball episode. My favourite bit was the umpire going over the rules, "You score a run you chug a beer, you strike out you chug a beer, at the end of each innings you chug a beer, oh, the fourth innings are the beer innings..."