Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Julian and I attended the league AGM last night on behalf of the Wolves. Here are my notes from the evening.

Darren’s still league director. Kim Comer’s left the committee. Ben is now Secretary. The Squares’ captain is on committee as a General Officer.

The league split (Comp/Rec) from 2010 onwards was voted on and agreed, by about 80% for, 10% against, 10% abstention. Lots of interesting points raised, including Jen from Tecumsehs asking for assurance that the “Rec” sides would still be supported.

This season, the scoring system will change. Instead of 3/2/1/0 for win/draw/lose/forfeit it will now be 3/1/0/-1. Net effect is that wins are considerably more important.

Umpiring training coming up again – April 19th-20th for 2 day BASU course, and there'll be some 1 day training. From this season, the 1 day training is sufficient to umpire Divs 3-. They want more people to do two-day and get referred to BASU for full qualification – BASU umps get paid double (half paid by league).

The Development Officer is looking for assistant coaches who want to gain coaching experience.

The “courtesy runner” rule is no longer an official rule – it’s a courtesy, at discretion of opposing captain. But then, who’d be the kind of ******* who’d refuse it? "No, let him crawl to Second! Bwahahahaha!"

There was a debate from the floor about players playing down or across teams (started by someone from a lower division who felt penalised because they'd had trouble getting a competitive team together).

Tournament costs - will probably include an “admin fee” (refundable if tourney goes ahead?) as two rained out tournaments cost the league a lot of money this season. If that happened in future, it could scupper the league’s finances.

BSF fees are fixed a bit higher for lower grade teams. Our league fees will be £285.00. Up by £10 on last year.

Date for application to play this season will be Monday 30/3/09 (teams can apply online) and fees will be due within one week of that date (6/4/09). Bit of a quick turnaround, and due quite soon.

Div 5 looks like:
Loan Wolves
St Urbain’s Horsemen
Finsbury Dazzlers
Mets 2
Raiders Red
Fat Cats

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