Friday, June 15, 2007

Snatching fun from the jaws of victory

So the wolves are 21-0 up. There's 2 out and the bases are empty. One out and the Wolves mercy a team!!! But no, somehow the killer instinct and desire for a crushing victory desert us and we become good sports.

Obviously after a good 3.666 innings my pitching went astray and apologies, I'm as baffled as anyone why? (Everyone should have a go at pitching to see exactly how small that pesky strike zone is!) The Tornadoes were quite happy with their one home run when 21-0 down but somehow that got them going and they enjoyed the comeback of the season.

I think the Wolves batted superbly. And the double play in the last innings to catch the ball and get the "winning run" out at 3rd was most excellent. We lack that killer instinct and the desire to take as many walks as we can, but that's cause we want to have fun and play softball...

well done everyone!!

p.s I forgot the other excellent double play from Kevin's catch in the outfield and an out on first... awesome!


Kevin Wilson said...

It was certainly tight and we showed good character not to fold in the final innings after their comeback. We were the better team; I'd be surprised if they scored many off the bat, certainly fewer than us...we were sharp in the field when needed to be.

Certainly the most 'pressure cooker' environment I've ever seen in softball.

Tiggs said...
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