Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring training

Really thoroughly enjoyed yesterday evening's training session. Six Wolves, one bat, and "a whole ball full of bags" as Manjiv put it.
Throwing and catching drills, batting and fielding practice, and a bit of running around. Followed by a couple of beers.
Just the thing on a lovely Spring evening.
Really whetted our softball appetite for the new season.


Julian said...

Sorry I couldnt be there - in the throws of a horrendous cold. Not really recovered yet

Andy said...

Hope you're feeling brighter soon, Julian.

Tiggs said...

A whole "ball full of bags" indeed!! Thanks for remembering that's what I do best isn't it (slip of the tongue and all...).

So the start of the season approaches...wolves have been a little bit busy with the dreaded umpiring courses and some practice over the winter months..

I'm beginning to look ahead to the season....damn, why am I umpiring?

My only goal this season...we must not be relegated to divison 6!!!

Tiggs xxx love and kisses to all xxx