Friday, February 09, 2007

Loan Wolves Pre Season Social

Here are some photos from last Friday's Loan Wolves social get together, in the Cittie of Yorke pub, near Chancery Lane. It was great to see the team again for the first time since my 'move', and meet your new player Faustina (who it turns out worked at Whitechapel library reception at the same time I did- I thought her face looked familiar) I aim to keep up my duties as a Wolves social member this year, and hope to catch up with you all sometime soon (it was nice to bump into Andy and Julian again at the GLSML AGM on Wednesday night) Softball in London. It's such a small world.


Tiggs said...

Thanks for the pics Super Ben....although Foxy is disappearing before our very eyes!!

SuperBen said...

Yes sorry about that Foxy. I must admit I have yet to master the functions of the new camera.

Andy said...

Useful trick if you can do it in a game, Olivia. Give the fielders a few headaches, at any rate.
"And, batting at number six for the Loan Wolves, it's... Invisible Girl!"