Friday, December 01, 2006

And it's Goodbye from Jane... :(

Hi everyone

Just wanted to drop you all a line and say thanks for the fun day on Saturday and the card and present. I'm in iPod heaven!

Never mind that I managed to maintain my personal softball losing streak by being on *both* losing teams on Saturday - I had a great time! And then a six hour session in a Finsbury pub - wonderful! And the other drinkers in the pub enjoyed our singing and being taught coin tricks I'm sure....

One of the highlights of my last year in England has most definitely been the Loan Wolves and I'm proud to have been a founding member. Ooh, that sounds cool. Anyway, all the best of luck for next season - I shall be following progress via the blog and Manjiv's peppy late night e-mails (although it will be morning in NZ). Paul the Gobfather now has the team bat (unless he lost it on the way home having drunk more than most). I am happy to be your hosts in Auckland for the Loan Wolves World Tour.


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