Sunday, April 09, 2006

Barnes tournament day

The Loan Wolves fielded 8 for this excellent day of match practice. Alex, Ben, Alison, Manjiv, Jane, Julian, Andy, Paul.

There werent enough people there to have a tournament but we were able to have a series of matches playing people from the Development team and I think there were some there from a group called the Barracudas.

It was an extremely useful day for working together as a team. There are real signs of improvement. Alison, Manjiv and Julian all had a go at pitching. Andy gained some experience as a base coach. There was some fine batting from Jane and Alex. Ben was a real livewire organisng everybody. Paul, Alex Ben and Alison all made some great catches. Also thankfully there were very few injuries apart from Alison making a brave stop.

The weather was fine all day although chilly when the sun went in.

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