Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday training (cross-posted from my LJ)

Softball practice at Clapham yesterday.  We had ten players - a good turn-out, possibly the best this year.  Also had four bats between us. The threatened rain held off, though it was bitterly cold.  Worked on grounders, cut-offs and relays, and played a practice game.  Interesting how a couple of people pointedly walked through the game, giving us dirty looks, as if we had no right to be on their lovely British common playing our wretched American sport - even though we were on the designated softball pitch.  Darren reckoned this happens quite a lot.  The frisbee-ers were back, too - no-one won the extra "Wolf points" Richard offered for hitting one of them with a ball, though.
Afterwards, went to the George, identified by Darren as a bat-friendly pub, for a natter and drink.

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