Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Going batty in NYC!

I can officially declare we are the proud owners of a softball bat!
(Or rather I am until I get some money....)
My 2005 award for "most intimidating stance with a softball bat on
the public transport system" was given a workout in New York, as
I took the newly purchased bat onto New York City's subway and
into various shops along Fifth Avenue. Karen and I walked into
one electronic goods store where four men promtly stopped their
conversation mid-sentence as I walked in with the bat. In addition
I discovered the bat was too long to fit in my suitcase, and Karen's
too, and so I rang the airline and asked if they'd mind if I carried it
onboard. Their reply: "Are you crazy?! A softball bat?! In these
times of heighened security?!" So I had to purchase some
packaging and check it in to the hold....
I got us a bargain too, price-wise! Paragon Sports on Broadway
had a 40% post-Christmas discount on DeMarini bats! So I'll let
you know once I've worked out the exchange rate. Manjiv - do you
think Brendan would pay for it for us on production of a receipt?
So we should all meet up some time to celebrate the New Year and
for the official presentation of our DeMarini bat. (And colour highlights
on the bat might suggest a uniform colour should we wish....)

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Tiggs said...

For the record, Jane was finally reimbursed for the bat in August - thanks for your patience Jane!