Monday, July 31, 2006

The luck of the Irish

Aah my first blog entry - and it's only taken me 1/2 hr to remember my username and password!

I was in Finsbury Park to witness a great Irish performance against Team GB and to think last week I didn't even know that Ireland had a National Baseball Team. I was a bit disappointed not to have won fan of the match - I thought I deserved it for wearing my green Irish National Team Baseball cap in among all the Team GB supporters. Definitely a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and my boyf won second prize in the raffle - a Pittsburg (I think) Pirates t-shirt.


Tiggs said...

Apologies for getting so competitive towards the end of the second game....Sadly, the GB loss was harder to cope with than all the Loan Wolves losses this season!

Let's go GB, lets go!!

Kate said...

I got horribly horribly sunburnt - especially on the front of my legs. People were staring at me on the way home, and I still can't put socks on!

Thanks to Vic for the sun tan lotion which saved my shoulders and face from a similar fate.

Next time I'll remember my legs!

Tiggs said...

It didn't occur to me to put on any suntan lotion. I am horribly sunburnt on the back of my neck, my nose, shoulders and all down my arms. I don't remember it being so hot, and I'll be wearing layers to the game on Wednesday!

Vic said...

Despite my best efforts I too got a little burnt on my shoulders - why is there always a least one spot that you miss?

Well done to Olivia for proudly wearing her cap (and protecting her face from the evil sun)